How Ignoring Your Dog Will Help with Training

Today we have another article from Hannah our Guest Blogger!

Dogs love it when we pay attention to them. In fact, I’ll bet your dog does things deemed annoying or undesirable, such as jumping, barking, nipping at your clothes, etc.. in attempt to get you to pay attention to them. Giving your attention in these situations is viewed as a reward by your dog, and ignoring your dog in these moments is one of the best ways to train your dog because it teaches that acting out will not get a reward (ie. your attention). In this post, I explain how and when to apply this concept and why it can actually be life changing for your dog below.. [Read more…]

5 Convenient, Practical Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Today’s article is from a guest blogger Hannah Croscutt, enjoy!

Exercise is an important part of your dog’s overall wellness and is also an important part of your dog’s training. I’m a firm believer that a tired dog is a good (and happy) dog, and sometimes, with busy life and work schedules, achieving “tired dog” status is easier said than done. Here are five ways to help get you and your dog on your way to “tired dog” status: [Read more…]

How To Keep Your Dog Safe in The Summer

Summertime can be one of the greatest moments for you to enjoy the outdoors with your pet. However, summer months can also prove to be very uncomfortable and even dangerous not only for individuals but also pets. The truth is that summer is usually a terrific time for a dog owner since it lets you play, swim and run with your pet in the good weather compared to any other time of the year. [Read more…]