4 Common Doggie Myths Debunked

Ever heard someone say something about dogs and wonder if it’s really true? Maybe you aren’t quite sure about this whole dog thing and want to get some answers on some common misunderstandings all of us have thought about dogs from time to time. Well, today, I’m going to talk about common misunderstandings between dogs and their people. Check them out below. [Read more…]

How Ignoring Your Dog Will Help with Training

Today we have another article from Hannah our Guest Blogger!

Dogs love it when we pay attention to them. In fact, I’ll bet your dog does things deemed annoying or undesirable, such as jumping, barking, nipping at your clothes, etc.. in attempt to get you to pay attention to them. Giving your attention in these situations is viewed as a reward by your dog, and ignoring your dog in these moments is one of the best ways to train your dog because it teaches that acting out will not get a reward (ie. your attention). In this post, I explain how and when to apply this concept and why it can actually be life changing for your dog below.. [Read more…]