All About Breed Rescues

This article is going to give you information about breed rescues. Which breed you ask? Any breed. If you absolutely must re-home a dog using a breed rescue is the perfect way to do it.

I know you are saying to yourself that you should never get rid of a dog because it’s a commitment. That’s true however there are times that re-homing is the only option. [Read more…]

5 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog That Are FREE!

Here is an article by our guest blogger Hannah Croscutt.

If you’re like me, you don’t have money trees in your back yard, freely supplying money at all times. As a college student, I’m constantly looking for things to do with my dog, aside from the daily walking, that are fun and get her out of the house. Below are some things we’ve done that are free, fun, and convenient ways to get your dog out of the house. [Read more…]

4 Common Doggie Myths Debunked

Ever heard someone say something about dogs and wonder if it’s really true? Maybe you aren’t quite sure about this whole dog thing and want to get some answers on some common misunderstandings all of us have thought about dogs from time to time. Well, today, I’m going to talk about common misunderstandings between dogs and their people. Check them out below. [Read more…]