Is Your Dog Showing Aggression?


If your dog is aggressive to other dogs, people or even to you or your family. Does your dog act like Cujo when you go for a walk and embarass you?

If your answer is yes then you don’t want to miss our FREE webinar tomorrow.

“How To Help and Train Your Aggressive Dog”

will answer all of your questions and give you information on how you can get help for your dog before it’s too late.

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Solve Those Dog Walking Problems

Walking Dogs

Walking your dog can be a problem for some dog owners.  Sometimes because their dogs don’t walk well on a leash.  Other dogs are a problem because they show aggression and it is really embarrassing to take your dog in public.  However for some people finding the time to walk their dogs is tough while there are also those dog owners who physically have a problem taking a walk, they just can’t do it.  Let me take just a few minutes to offer some dog walking advice for each of these four problem areas. [Read more…]

Some Of The Signs That Your Dog Is Going Deaf

It is true that as animals get old, they either lose the ability to hear or see. In some cases, they may lose both. The dog too is an animal and may become deaf as it gets old. This condition may be stressful to the dog especially when it loses the ability to hear what it considers the most familiar sound including not being able to tell who is approaching. [Read more…]

3 Great Reasons To Teach The Down Exercise To Your Dog

Here are 3 great reasons to teach your dog the down exercise. To start with the down exercise is probably the most important thing you can teach your pet. I always tell my clients that when your dog is 20 feet away and you give the dog command it should drop to the ground without you having to do anything else. No treat, no nothing. When your dog does that your dog is acknowledging that you are the master. [Read more…]