10 Things You Should Know About Dogs


Quite often I meet people who are getting their first dog and really have no idea what a dog needs or wants. This is a list of things that you should know about dogs.

1. Dogs are den animals and the greatest gift you can give your new dog is its own den in the form of a crate. I like the plastic type crate better than the wire one because it has that den feeling and the wire cage does not.

2. You can never really enjoy the love and companionship of a dog if it lives in the back yard. So bring your dog in the house and make it part of the family.

3. Dogs are pack animal and really have a desire to be part of a pack which means your family. Don’t be upset if your new dog wants to follow you around the house and be with you it simply wants to be part of the family.

4. Feed your dog at the same time daily. Dogs like and more importantly need a routine to be happy.

5. Training is important for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is that it establishes you as the master and gives the dog a leader to look to for guidance.

6. Exercise is a must. Dogs need it to eliminate nervous energy. The great part is that you will benefit from going for walks as well. Exercise is just as good for humans as it is for dogs.

7. House train you dog as soon as you get it. The number one reason that dogs end up in a shelter is because they did not get house trained.

8. If you are starting with a puppy socialize it early. The period of socialization for a dog is from birth to 20 weeks of age. Socializing you dog early will help to avoid aggression or fear issues later.

9. Find a great veterinarian that both you and your dog like. Establishing a relationship with your vet early is good for you and your dog.

10. Make it a habit to spend just a few minutes everyday doing something that makes your dog happy. You dog will reward you with its complete loyalty.

If you will follow these simple steps with your dog you will find that having a dog can be a great and rewarding experience. Dogs have a way of making us healthier and happier than we would be without a dog.

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About the Author: Wayne Booth is owner of Canine Behavior Specialistsin Nashville, TN.  Wayne has been teaching people how to become Professional Dog Trainers since 1990 and he is the Training Director of Canine Behavior Specialists Network.

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