5 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog That Are FREE!


Here is an article by our guest blogger Hannah Croscutt.

If you’re like me, you don’t have money trees in your back yard, freely supplying money at all times. As a college student, I’m constantly looking for things to do with my dog, aside from the daily walking, that are fun and get her out of the house. Below are some things we’ve done that are free, fun, and convenient ways to get your dog out of the house.

  1. Take your dog on hikes. Sometimes, when you get into the daily routine of walking your dog, it can get a little boring, especially if you take the same routine every day. So, if you are able to, go on a hike! It’s a wonderful opportunity to get some exercise, explore a new place, and enjoy nature while reaffirming your dog’s training in a new place. If you don’t know of any places in your area to hike, google it! If anything, there are probably some public parks near you with trails that are paved or good for hiking.
  2. Go to the dog park. I grew up not having a dog park nearby and recently visited one with my dog Piper for the first time. It was a fun experience, and my dog got some much needed doggy social time. Not only did it wear her out, and afterwards, she didn’t want to leave! (Bonus tip: I would take a second survey the dogs in the park before I let my dog loose with them, as sometimes, not-so-friendly dogs can be present. So, before letting your dog meet some new friends, take a second to see if the environment is one you want your dog to be a part of).
  3. Visit the local feed or pet store. Most pet stores and animal feed stores welcome pets into their stores, as long as they are leashed. If I don’t have time to walk with my dog but need to go get some pet supplies, this is a great way to get two things done at once. This is one of my dog’s favorite things to do! We visit these stores so often that they know us by name and welcome my dog with open arms and treats! She’s a celebrity among the pet/feed store community where I live, and it’s a wonderful experience for both Piper and me.
  4. Take your dog to a friend’s house. If you’re visiting a friend and have gotten their permission to bring your dog, this is a great, free way to also accomplish two things at once. This way, you can hang out with your friend AND your dog. I take my dog to my family’s house pretty regularly, and they also have a dog. So, it’s play time and hang out time with friends and family!
  5. Take Your Dog with You to Run Errands. If I can’t do any of the things above, I just let my dog ride with me from errand to errand, assuming the weather permits it. She enjoys spending time with me, even if it’s just to go pay bills or a quick trip to the bank. I’ve also found that there are also some businesses that, if asked, are open to letting me bring my dog inside, like Home Depot or Lowes. I’ve also been known to take my dog with me into car dealerships while the oil on my car is being changed or tire shops while I get the tires of my car worked on. I’ve found that when it comes to businesses, if they see your dog is polite and quiet, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

While daily walks are definitely an important part of your dog’s need for exercise and mental stimulation, there are other ways to have fun with your dog that are also free! Hope this was helpful, and as always, thanks for reading!

About the author: Hannah Croscutt is a dog lover from Atlanta, Ga. She enjoys learning all about dogs from her furry buddy, Piper. She blogs at http://thefurryteacher.wordpress.com.


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