Wayne Booth created this blog site to give you information on dog training, behavior and health. This blog was started for his dog training clients and has grown to a blog for dog owners and trainers all over the world.

Wayne Booth has been active in dog training for over 30 years. He is a Master Trainer as well as a Canine Behavior Specialist and was the founder of an internationally known dog training academy in Texas before moving to Nashville, TN. and starting  where he helps people train as well as solve all types of behavior problems with their dogs. He is currently the Founder and Director of the Canine Behavior Specialists Network where he trains people from all over the world to be successful dog behavior specialists and trainers.

Wayne has trained thousands of pets in both group obedience classes and private lessons. He has also personally trained several hundred dogs for law enforcement that are serving in over 40 states and several foreign countries as well as service dogs for the handicapped and hearing impaired.

He especially enjoys helping individuals train their dogs to be good members of their family. Wayne feels that a “trained dog is a happy dog” and therefore a welcome member of your family. He believes that behavior issues are an important part of any training program. Wayne is an Approved Evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program and periodically offers the AKC CGC test.

Wayne routinely conducts training classes and seminars for police departments, fire departments, humane organizations and other training facilities as well as training people entering the dog behavior and training business.

Wayne is not only a dog trainer, but also an entrepreneur, published author, teacher and, last but not least, a dog lover.  His passion to train new dog trainers shows in the programs he has created to help new trainers learn the business of dog training.