How Can I Help My Aggressive Dog?


This is a good question that anybody with an aggressive dog should be asking.  There are some things that you can do to help your dog be happier without the aggression.

The first thing you must do is admit you have an aggressive dog.  I am always amazed how many people will not admit it even when their dog has bitten.  I wrote an article about this you can read it here.

The next thing to do is keep everybody safe and this also includes your dog.  What I mean by this statement is take away the opportunity for your dog to show aggression or to bite someone.

That means put your dog up, ideally in a crate or the backyard when someone comes to your front door.

Don’t have your dog in the front yard off leash, because you think it will be okay.  Things happen quickly so don’t take a chance.

If your dog has shown aggression with the grand babies put the dog up when they come to visit, don’t jeopardize the grand kid’s safety.

By taking away the opportunity for you dog to show aggression you are starting to eliminate the habit.

The next thing that needs to be done is REHABILITATION.  That means some serious obedience training as well as some behavior modification.  Everybody knows what obedience training is however quite often dog owners ask what is behavior modification.

With behavior modification we change the way you do some things at home with your dog so that he begins to understand his place in the pack.  It allows you to become the alpha or pack leader.  When that happens, hopefully you will begin to see less aggression because he understands you are in charge and are capable of handling any situation.

If you are seeing aggression with your dog, owning a crate is a very important tool to have in your home.  I prefer the plastic airline type crate and you can read why here.  The crate allows a safe refuge for you dog.  I can tell you many stories where dog owners put their aggressive dog in a bedroom and then have somebody accidently open the door.  The results can be very serious.

Another useful tool is a good muzzle.  I really like the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle.  They are made in the U.K. but are available at Petco as well as many places online.These muzzles allow your dog to pant, drink, and even take treats.  Properly fitted this muzzle will give you some peace of mind for the dog that is usually okay but not always.

I hope these tips have given you some good pointers on helping your aggressive dog.  Now go out and find a good canine behavior specialist that can help you rehabilitate your dog.


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