How To Keep Your Dog Safe in The Summer


Summertime can be one of the greatest moments for you to enjoy the outdoors with your pet. However, summer months can also prove to be very uncomfortable and even dangerous not only for individuals but also pets. The truth is that summer is usually a terrific time for a dog owner since it lets you play, swim and run with your pet in the good weather compared to any other time of the year.

However, the summer season is also one that brings a lot of unique risks to your pet dog and it is important to ensure that you keep your dog safe during this period. With the high summer temperatures, it is imperative to have your pet cool and safe. This helps protect it from risks such as heat stroke, dehydration, sunburns and burned foot pads that can be a cause of discomfort to your pet. Here are some ways through which you can keep your dog safe during summer.

Never Leave Your Dog Inside A Parked Car

If you are thinking of leaving your pet in your car to grab a drink, you are making a great mistake. Your pet should not be left in a parked car not even for a minute. Even if the air conditioner is on or is running, do not dare. When the day is warm, temperatures in the vehicle can rise to some extremely dangerous levels. For instance, when the temperatures outside are 85 degrees, those inside the car can get to 102 degrees in less than ten minutes which is enough to suffocate your pet. In addition, your dog can suffer from some irreversible organ damage or end up dying.

Provide Ample Water And Shade For Your Dog

At any time your pet is outside during the summer, see to it that he or she has proper protection from the sun and heat. In addition, you should ensure that there is plenty of cold and fresh water. When there are heat waves, ice can be added to the water to keep it as cool as possible. It is advisable to have your dog sheltered under a tree in shade since it does not interfere with the flow of air. A doghouse should not be relied on for shelter during the summer since it offers no relief from heat. The truth is that it can make the situation worse.

Limit Your Pet’s Exercise During Hot Days

It is important to be cautious when taking your dog for exercise during the summer. It is advisable to adjust the duration and intensity of the exercise according to the temperature. On days that are extremely hot, it is advisable to limit the exercises to evening or early morning hours. Much caution should be taken when dealing with white-eared pets since they are more prone to skin cancer. Short-nosed dogs that have breathing troubles should also be taken care of. Walk your dog on grass to prevent its paws from getting burnt. During the exercise, it is important to always have some water with you to keep your pet hydrated.

Follow these simple rules and you and your dog will enjoy the summer.

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