Is There Hope For My Aggressive Dog? Dog Training Blogger

Simply put the answer is YES, usually, most of the time, but not always. Is that answer confusing, if so keep reading? The odds of the success you can have with rehabilitating a dog is good enough that you certainly need to give your dog a chance.

Can all dogs be rehabilitated, again the answer is simple NO. There are some dogs that just can’t be rehabilitated just like there are human beings with mental illness that are in institutions and cannot walk the street with the rest of us because of their illness and in some cases their aggression.

The question from the owner of an aggressive dog is always can my dog be rehabilitated and become a loving member of our family again? That isn’t a question that we can answered by simply looking at a dog.

The only way to tell if a dog can be rehabilitated is to try. That’s right you need to get started with training and behavior modification. For best results you want a canine behavior specialists that has a bunch of experience with aggressive dogs.

Simply relying on the trainer at the local big box dog store is a sure fire way to failure. Yes training is part of what your dog needs however there is more and we call that more, behavior modification.

So what is behavior modification? Behavior modification comes in many different colors and flavors and each dog could need something a little different than the last dog with a similar problem.

The behavior modification for your dog could include one or more of many different things including but not limited to:

1. More exercise 2. Getting the dog off the furniture 3. Feeding the dog after you, the ALPHA, eats, 4. Eliminating treats

5. and more than we can list in this article but you get the idea

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