Keep Your Dog Safe When Driving!


Maybe you have seen the person driving with a dog in their lap or with its head out the driver’s side window. This is very dangerous and is simply an accident waiting to happen. Let’s discuss some things you could and should do to keep you as well as your dog safe and secure when riding in a car.

There are harnesses available at the pet stores that will allow you to harness your dog in place in a seat. Some people love them and others say that they do not work well or that their dog is able to escape out of the harness.

In our family our dog is always transported in a crate. This is simply the safest way to transport your dog. Big or small this is the best way to do it. Of course if you have a large dog and a small car it simply will not work.

When you are considering a crate to transport a dog always remember that you want the plastic type crate that is also airline approved. The wire cages are not good for transporting a dog because it’s legs could slip thru the bars and the dog could be badly hurt if you had to slam on the brakes or were involved in an accident.

Not only do we use plastic crates to transport our personal dogs but we use the same techniques whenever we are transporting a clients dog or a dog that we are training for law enforcement.

When considering traveling with a dog that is not restrained in some way think about what could happen to your dog if you were in an accident. The dog would become a missle that could badly injure you and could also possibly go thru the cars windshield injuring your pet.

No matter how you look at it for your safety and the safety of your dog please find a way to safely restrain your dog in your vehicle. Recently on the national news there was a report of a dog that fell down on to the gas pedal of it owner’s car and the owner could not stop the car causing an accident.

So think ahead and be safe for everybody’s safety.

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About the Author: Wayne Booth is owner of Canine Behavior Specialists in Nashville, TN.  Wayne has been teaching people how to become Professional Dog Trainers since 1990 and he is the Training Director of Canine Behavior Specialists Network.

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