My Dog Doesn’t Need To Go For Walks…Wrong!


I hear this a bunch. Unfortunately a lot of dog owners think because they have a BIG yard their dog does not need to go for walks. They are sure wrong in their thinking. In this article I am going to try to dispel that myth and give you some answers and the reasons why it is a myth.

Having a large backyard is great for an active dog. It can allow you to play retrieve games, Frisbee and even some agility if that yard is big enough for all the equipment. However those games are great exercise which your dog definitely needs but it is in no way a substitute for going on walks.

Wild dogs walk a bunch all day long. Why? Well they are looking for food and water. I realize that your dog doesn’t need to hunt for food but the walking is still something that it needs to do make it feel good and satisfied.

You may not realize this but walking builds serotonin in the brain not only for your dog but you as well. Serotonin is a must if you want a well-balanced happy dog. Since you are walking as well, you will get all the great benefits including building serotonin in your brain as well.

Walking with your dog builds a bond. A bond that makes your dog realize that you are the pack leader. Being your dog’s pack leader actually will make him happier because he realizes that you are taking responsibility and it relieves him from having to assume that responsibility.

Remember that taking your dog for walks allows it to discover all the great things that are out there to see and experience.

One thing that you may not know is that small dogs need walks as well as their bigger brothers. Small dogs may not need or even to be able to walk as far as a larger breed however they do need to get out on a walk.

Now here is a challenge for those of you that do not currently walk your dogs. Make a pledge to give your dog a walk every day for 10 days. Watch your dog’s enthusiasm, look how happy it appears. That is because it is feeling better not only physically but mentally as well.

If you accept my challenge I think that the results will be so good that you will want to continue. The best part about this challenge is that you will feel better as well so give it a try!

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