Pros And Cons of Feeding Table Scraps


We can’t really sugar coat this, everyone feeds their dog table scraps at some point or another. Quite frankly, it can be difficult to resist the temptation when you see those two cute little eyes staring at you from under the table during thanksgiving dinner. In fact, after guests leave, your dog may have eaten far better than you. Still, you have to wonder whether or not this is a good idea, or something that should be avoided altogether.

The Professional Opinion

All veterinarians will have their own opinion on feeding a dog table scraps, and most say that you should avoid doing it simply because it is not ideal for their diet.

When you purchase dog food, you are buying a food that is properly adjusted for their digestive system, and will keep them in good health. Human food is not adjusted for them and it will not give them the proper vitamins or nutrients.

The Other Side of the Argument

Okay, as we said, it is impossible to resist giving your animal a treat once in a while, and if you think about it, many of the treats you buy at the store aren’t really ‘good’ for your dog either. If you think about how you feed yourself, you will come to realize that we all break the dietary rules once in a while. Was that piece of chocolate cake good for your diet? Probably not. What about that bag of chips you tore into earlier? We aren’t telling you how to eat, but you can plainly see that everyone breaks the rules, even your dog.

The Key is Moderation

Just as you moderate yourself (hopefully) you should moderate your dog. The general consensus is that ‘people food’ should make up less than ten percent of your dog’s diet, and that you should always vary it when you do give in.

Fruits and vegetables, along with grains and pasta are considered to be healthy dog treats. In addition to that, it is recommended that you use human meats as a training tool to teach your dog the most basic of commands. Any dog will be motivated to sit when a piece of steak is on the line!

What to Avoid

There are certain foods you will want to avoid giving your dog at all costs. These include:

-Chocolate -Onions -Macadamia Nuts -Grapes


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