When Is It Okay To Leave A Dog Loose In The House


If you have a new dog and have been leaving him in a crate in the house while you are working, you are probably wondering when you can let him have free roam of the house when you are gone. The truth is, the time it takes for a dog to learn that they can’t destroy everything in their path varies from dog to dog. Some dogs are never able to be left alone in the house and will constantly have to be crated when you are away.

If that is the case with your dog, don’t feel bad, crates were designed to keep your pet safe and out of trouble. You can read on below however, for some signs that your dog is ready to be let loose in the house while you are at work.

How Well Behaved Is Your Dog When You Are At Home?

If your dog is well behaved and causes no problems when you are home, then he just might be ready to be left out of the crate. However, if he still has accidents and chews everything in sight, then he is just not ready to be left alone unattended. You may need to use the crate for a little while longer in this case, to not only save your belongings, but to keep your pet safe from harm as well.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a pet owner is giving your dog too much freedom at once. You should start out with 15 to 20 minutes alone at a time, then gradually increase the time until the dog can stay alone for undetermined periods.

For example, if your dog does well left alone for an hour, but gets destructive at that two hour mark, you need to take a step back and not leave him alone for over that hour mark. Remember, this is not an exact science and dogs have different personalities just as humans do.

These are just a few tips to help you determine when your dog is ready to be left loose in your home when you have to be away. Never feel bad about having to crate your dog, remember it is for their safety, and well as the safety of your belongings. You will know when it’s time to uncrate them, just take your time, and train them the proper way.

As a rule of thumb lartger dogs usually mature at around 2.5 – 3 years of age and for some dog this is the time that works best to give them more freedom.

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