Why Is My Dog So Energetic?

If you have a very energetic dog it can be due to a number of reasons. Some of them may be part of your dog’s individual nature or related to his breed. Some of them may be behavioral or part of his environment. Here’s a run-down.

1. Most young dogs are very energetic. This is especially true for dogs that are less than a year old but even dogs that are less than two or three years old may behave like puppies at times and have enormous bursts of energy. If you have a young dog you can expect him to be very energetic until he matures more. Once your dog is three or four years old he will start sleeping and relaxing more and be calmer.

2. Some breeds are more energetic than others. This is simply part of their nature. Sporting dogs, herding dogs, working dogs and some others need lots of exercise in order to be fit and happy. If they don’t get that exercise it can lead to behavior problems. If you have a breed that was bred to work all day and you and your dog are living in a small apartment, then it’s likely that your dog will have a lot of energy to burn. He may not be getting enough exercise to satisfy his needs. Before you get any dog you should always consider what the breed was originally intended to do. This will tell you what kind of exercise requirements the dog will have.

Even if you have a mixed breed dog, that dog may have had ancestors who did some kind of work. Your dog will have energy that he needs to use. Otherwise, he can also develop destructive behaviors in the home.

3. Many people feed their dogs a diet that produces more energy than the dogs need. Dog food today often provides more nutrition than is strictly necessary to meet nutritional requirements. Many people feed foods that have very high levels of protein. If you feed your dog a diet comparable to a dog that is going to run in the Iditarod then it’s not surprising if the dog has a lot of energy to burn. This can, in turn, lead to behavior problems when your dog has no way to burn off this extra energy. Look for a dog food that has more moderate levels of protein and you may see your dog’s energy levels go back to normal.

If you do have a very energetic dog there are some good things you can do to help your dog learn to channel his energy.

For puppies, look into puppy preschool and puppy kindergarten classes. These classes are great ways to socialize your puppy and introduce him to some early training. They can help modify the energy.

For older puppies and dogs sign up for a training class. This is a great way to help your dog use his energy in a positive way. He learns some good obedience training, the two of you are doing something fun together, and he’s getting rid of his energy in a good way.

Check into some dog sports and activities you can do with your dog. There’s everything from agility to frisbee toss to dock diving out there for you and your dog to try. Your dog would love it.

Have fun with your dog. One of the reasons people enjoy having a dog so much is because of their energy and the things we can do with them. See what you and your dog can find to do together.

Tell us what you have done to slow down your over energetic dog in the comment section below.

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