Why Is Obedience Training So Important?


To me that seems like such a silly question however there are a bunch of dog owners out there that just don’t have a clue what the answer may be.  There are many reasons that you need a trained dog and in this article I won’t be able to address them all however I do want to point out some of the very important reasons.

A Dog You Can Enjoy – Having a well-trained dog is a wonderful experience.  When you have a trained dog there is a feeling of pride that goes along with it.  You will also impress your family, friends and even the neighbors.  Simply put everybody loves a well behaved dog.

A Dog That Can Go Places With You – When you have a trained dog he can enjoy more things in life.  That can include going to visit friends, going on trips and also family outings at the beach or the park. A well trained dog is always welcome wherever you go.

A Happy Dog That Knows Its Place In The Pack – Your dog is a member of your family pack.  Whether it is you and a spouse or if the pack includes children it is important for your dog to know it place in the pack. Without training a dog will just naturally assume the position of Alpha and that is where all the problems begin. With proper training you will be the Alpha and your spouse and children will be below you with the dog at the bottom.  Knowing its rank in a pack will make your dog happy and content.

A Dog That Isn’t Aggressive – Aggression has actually become an epidemic. We are seeing more and more aggressive dogs daily.  Why you ask?  For several reasons but the #1 reason is because of the lack of training.  It seems that people are so busy with work and life nowadays that they just don’t take the time to train, exercise and socialize their dogs.  These three things are all important to have a happy friendly dog.

Another thing that confuses dog owners is that many of them feel that training is only for show dogs and that is the farthest thing from the truth.  Taking time to train your dog will give you a genuine feeling of accomplishment and at the same time will build a strong bond with you and your dog.

So set aside 15 minutes a day and go train your dog.

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About the Author: Wayne Booth is owner of Canine Behavior Specialists in Nashville, TN.  Wayne has been teaching people how to become Professional Dog Trainers since 1990 and he is the Training Director of Canine Behavior Specialists Network.

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