National Dog Bite Prevention Week


Did you realize that this is National Dog Bite Prevention Week?  Probably not, but I bet you have either been bitten or know somebody that has been bitten by a dog.  If you are a dog owner it should be your job to make sure that your dog is not a statistic by training and socializing your dog properly.

Yes, it is your responsibility to protect people from your dog.  On State Farm’s website they say that they paid out a record 118 Million for 3,100 dog related injury claims in 2015.  That is just one insurance company!  Can you just imagine what the total is for all the insurance companies?

Well here is the answer. I couldn’t find that total for 2015 however for 2014 the total paid for dog related bites case was a huge 530 Million.

So here is the BIG question.  Do you have an aggressive dog?  If you do you need to really think about fixing the problem by contacting a Canine Behavior Specialist.  With the proper training and some behavior modification many of these dogs can be rehabilitated.

From what I have read about half of all dog bites are to children.  Would you want your dog to hurt somebody’s child?  I’m sure you don’t so look into rehabilitation for your dog if it is showing aggression.

Quite often I hear dog owners say we were hoping it (the aggression) would go away.  It will not, in fact it always gets worse if untreated.

I hope this information gives you something to think about if you have an aggressive dog.

If your dog is not aggressive I want to thank you for taking the time to train and socialize your dog so that you and everybody it comes into contact with can enjoy it.


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