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It is always upsetting and shocking when your dog starts showing symptoms of aggression. This aggression may be directed at other dogs, or other individuals are even yourself, it is essential to take care of it as soon as possible. Dogs are incredibly powerful creatures that can create a huge amount of harm and injury. [Read more…]

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In this article, I want to address the new dog owner.  I mean, the new dog owner that has never owned a dog before or it has been many years since owning your last dog. [Read more…]

Simply put the answer is YES, usually, most of the time, but not always. Is that answer confusing, if so keep reading? The odds of the success you can have with rehabilitating a dog is good enough that you certainly need to give your dog a chance. [Read more…]


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If your little ones have been bothering you about getting a dog, you should give it some thought. Not only will you all have a new furry family member, but your children will also reap numerous benefits. There are actually more than a few positive sides to getting a pet for your kids, so don’t say no just yet. [Read more…]

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This article is from guest writer Zara Lewis.

Any pet owner who’s ever been on vacation knows the hassle of trying to find someone to take care of their pet, and the general anxiety as you start missing them as soon as you arrive at the hotel. [Read more…]


I found this article by Jeremy Harrison and wanted to bring it to you since this has become a very big issue. [Read more…]


If you have a dog that is showing aggression you need Canine Behavior Specialists because we have the expertise that you and your dog need to solve these aggression issues. [Read more…]


Purple Pawz recently sent me an offer to primarily test their new dog car seat cover on amazon.com. There was no regret for accepting this offer. Both the design and function of the company’s dog seat cover exceeded my expectation. I recommend this product for people with pets or small children in their homes. FOR A SPECIAL OFFER  [Read more…]


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Do you dread leaving your dog at home while you go out to have fun? Millions of people have this same feeling and have therefore created dog-friendly festivals so that your four-legged friend can hang out with your two-legged friends. You’ll never have to leave him home alone again.  [Read more…]

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