Some New Dog Owner Advice

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In this article, I want to address the new dog owner.  I mean, the new dog owner that has never owned a dog before or it has been many years since owning your last dog. You need to remember that you are bringing a living creature into your home, and it will be your responsibility to give it everything it needs to become a happy member of your family.

1. One of the first things your new dog will need is a den. Dogs are den animals, and to be happy, it should have its own comfortable den.  When we talk den, we are talking about a crate.  We want a den-like crate so that rules out the wire cages that you see at all the pet stores and online.  You will be looking for the plastic airline type crate.  They are more den-like, your dog will like it better, and for several reasons, they are safer for your dog.

Remember that the crate should be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down.  It should not be big enough for your dog to invite friends over for a party.

2. The next bit of advice has to do with training.  Every dog needs obedience training. Obedience training is what established the dog master relationship and shows your dog that you are the pack leader.

The ideal type of training will be private in-home training.  It is so much better than group class training in so many ways, and the best part is that your trainer will be able to help you solve the issues that your dog is having rather than spending time with 10 – 15 other dogs and their owners.

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a great dog trainer is don’t hire the cheapest trainer you can find because usually, you will find that is wasn’t a bargain after all. A great dog trainer knows what he or she is worth to a dog owner and will hopefully give you everything you paid for and more.

3. Exercise and plenty of it is very important for your dog.  For years I have told owners that a Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog, but an exhausted dog is happier, and that is a true statement. 

Your dog should get a daily walk, and I don’t mean a quick trip outside to do its business, I mean a nice long walk for exercise and to build serotonin in the brain to make it feel good.

If you are not able to walk your dog regularly, you may want to consider doggy daycare.  Even just 2 or 3 days a week can make all the difference in a nice, calm, happy dog and a dog that is creating chaos in the family.  Check your local area for a doggy daycare close to you.

4.  Good food and a good vet are next on the list.  I always tell people that giving your dog the cheapest food you can find will cost in the end.  Just like humans, if we eat nothing but junk, we end up with health issues and end up spending more time and money with the doctor.  The same is true for your dog. 

Feed food that offers good nutrition.  Your vet should be able to help you make a good food selection.

Speaking of veterinarians, there are a bunch of them out there, so find one that you like and appears to care about you and the welfare of your dog. I prefer to deal with a clinic that allows me to see the same doctor each time I go.  That allows the vet to know my dog and me much better than seeing a different person each time your dog needs a checkup or is sick.  That is the way most people are with their personal doctor, so it makes sense to do the same for your dog.

I hope that this article gives you some good information and things to ponder before bringing that new dog or puppy home.

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