What You Can Do About Dog Aggression


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It is always upsetting and shocking when your dog starts showing symptoms of aggression. This aggression may be directed at other dogs, or other individuals are even yourself, it is essential to take care of it as soon as possible. Dogs are incredibly powerful creatures that can create a huge amount of harm and injury. The very last thing you need as a dog owner is for your dog to attack out of control, causing serious injury or perhaps even death.

Curing dog aggression should start by first identifying the actual cause. There are actually typically two reasons that dogs lash out: they may have an excessive amount of energy or they lack a definite pack leader. Let’s take a good look at these two scenarios.

An Excessive Amount Of Energy

Dogs — some breeds particularly — require a great deal of exercise to get rid of their excess energy. If they are cooped up for hours on end with nothing more than a quick walk plus just a little bit of play time, this energy actually starts to build. Eventually, it reaches a tipping point where it spills over and manifests itself as aggression.

The easiest way to take care of this can be by finding strategies to give your pet dog more exercise and stimulation. Try interacting them on a regular basis, taking them on longer walks and even taking them to dog parks where they are able to play and eliminate steam. You might even want to investigate signing them up for dog agility training or doggy daycare. This will keep their minds working, reducing boredom while burning energy as well.

Absence Of A Definite Pack Leader

Dogs are pack animals. Their instinct is usually to depend upon a pack leader to help and protect them. When you have not established yourself as pack leader, they will likely make an effort to fill the role. Oftentimes this simply means lashing out aggressively at people or dogs who seem like they pose a threat.

Overcoming this challenge begins by clearly establishing yourself as being the leader of your pack. There are many ways to accomplish this, and it is not an overnight process. However, after your dog has gotten the message that they no longer need to defend the pack, their aggression may naturally fall away.

Finally, an aggressive dog is just not something that ought to be taken lightly. Schedule an appointment with an animal behaviorist or qualified trainer right now to start addressing this problem before it is actually far too late.

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