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This is a BIG very IMPORTANT question that you as a new puppy owner should know about.

This is a BIG very IMPORTANT question that every breeder, vet, and trainer should tell each of their clients when they get a new puppy. [Read more…]


This is a comment I hear on a regular basis, in fact daily.  The dog owner starts off with “my dog needs help because he is hard headed and he will not listen to me”.  The problem is not a hard headed dog the problem is an untrained dog. [Read more…]


I just wanted to take a moment and wish you and your family a Happy New Year. [Read more…]

Drum roll……..The answer is………Yes and No and Maybe. What an answer. There just is not a better answer because there are a bunch of things to consider. Let’s talk about this so that my crazy answer can start to make sense. [Read more…]


I’ll see you again in 2016


Dog training is a great idea whenever you bring a new canine friend into the house. While it is quite effective for many animals and can help them to become well adjusted and well behaved members of the family, sometimes it is not enough. When behaviors are out of control and cannot be managed by training an animal to respond to simple commands and respect the pack leadership, sometimes hiring a canine behavioral specialist is the solution. [Read more…]

This article is from our guest blogger Hannah Croscutt !

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s important to know what holiday foods are okay for your dog to have and ones to completely avoid. The last thing we all want around Christmas time is to have an unexpected, urgent vet visit, with Rover in a lot of discomfort or worse. Below are the top 6 foods to avoid giving your dog this holiday season. [Read more…]


This article is going to give you information about breed rescues. Which breed you ask? Any breed. If you absolutely must re-home a dog using a breed rescue is the perfect way to do it.

I know you are saying to yourself that you should never get rid of a dog because it’s a commitment. That’s true however there are times that re-homing is the only option. [Read more…]


Yes, we are happy to announce that we are now serving all dogs and dog owners in the Corpus Christi, Texas area. [Read more…]


That is a good question and one that is asked quite often. The answer depends on you and how much patience you will have with house training and training a new puppy. Puppies can be a lot of work and require a bunch of your time and energy to keep them out of trouble. [Read more…]

Brain Training For Your Dog

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